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The 2024 Glossier Grant Program is open for applications!

We’re excited to announce that we are launching our fourth Grant Program for Black-Owned Beauty Businesses, committing $300,000 in grants towards five visionary brands in the US. Four businesses will receive $50,000 grants and for the first time ever, one former grantee will receive a $100,000 Alumni Award to scale their business sustainably.

We review applications for new grantees on three main criteria: 

  • Purpose: The inspiration and purpose behind your business and the impact you hope to achieve both for your customers and the broader community
  • Differentiation: What sets your brand and products apart from others in your category
  • Business Plan: Your plans for business growth and how Glossier’s Grant Program will help you achieve your goals

For the Alumni Award, we're reviewing applications on the following criteria:

  • Results + Scalability: A track record of business growth and thoughtful plans outlined for the business to scale sustainably.
  • Future Business Plans: A very clear vision for how to use the $100,000 grant towards a measurable project(s) to grow their business.
  • Long-Term Vision and Goals: How has your vision for your business evolved over time, especially since winning the Glossier Grant? What are your big-picture goals for the years ahead and how does this award fit into them?